Hi, I'm Jo.

Your friendly neighbourhood community professional/meme hoarder/peanut butter enthusiast.

I help brands to build online communities that convert - and people genuinely love hanging out in.


Former university lecturer (that’s college professor to you folks in the United States), former media buyer, former digital nomad, current full time community professional living in Sydney, Ost-rail-ya.

I’ve been managing communities since 2006, when I got my first gig as a message board moderator. And since then, I’ve done some pretty cool things.

Like: helping an eCommerce brand grow their revenue from 300K to over 5 million per year in just three years, through the magic of community (yes, I called community magical and I stand by that).

As someone who is pretty passionate about the future of the living planet (understatement…) – when I’m not in my “day job” (…which is actually my night job because I work American hours) – I’m focused on eCommerce businesses who have a strong focus on environmental and social sustainability.

If you’re passionate about leaving the world better than you found it? We’ll likely get along grand.

The people I work with tend to fall into two camps: they either want expert advice and solid resources as they work on their community, or they want someone to just take care of it for them – so they can focus on the parts of their biz that they actually enjoy.


Let's make cool stuff together.
Community Management

Wish your Facebook group was more active, or converted better? Feel like it's always just you, yelling into the void?

With two certifications in community management, and just mad love for seeing people really connect with brands and each other (human to human relationships are where it's AT) - I can likely give you a hand.


Understanding what makes people tick is quite literally my full time job as a community manager and strategist.

That's why I've got a knack for writing copy that converts - from sales pages and product descriptions, to emails that people actually WANT to read.

Social Media Audits

My expert eyes, looking over your content and strategy, making sure it's primed and ready for success.

I'm all about the tough (but kind!) love - I'll tell you straight up what sucks, what works, and get you excited about the next steps.

Marketing Education

I’m taking a break from creating educational content right now – between a full time job, family, a gloriously busy social calendar (how great is living closer to all your pals?) and just, trying to navigate life after some pretty big heartbreaks and changes? I’ve had to put that in the “on hold” box.

But if you want me to come present at your next event – or have an event you’d love to see me at? My background in stand up comedy AND teaching makes me a pretty perfect candidate. Feel free to tell me about it, and we’ll have a chat.

Wanna connect?

If you'd like to chat about which option would be the best for your goals, biz and budget, or have any other questions - you can reach me by filling out the Typeform linked below. Fill out your details, hit submit, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!