Hi, I'm Jo.

I run Facebook and Instagram ads for eco-friendly and sustainable eCommerce businesses, and give business owners the skills they need to get EXCITED about showing up on social.

Because truth: it can be a fun conversation, rather than a frustrating chore.


Former university lecturer (that’s college professor to you folks in the United States), digital nomad, peanut butter enthusiast, social media specialist.

I’m obsessed with Facebook and Instagram. Like…OBSESSED.  I’ve been doing this for over seven years, and and in the last two years have made my awesome little handful of Facebook ad clients well over six million dollars in return on ad spend. On top of that, I’ve helped literally hundreds of business owners drastically improve their reach and engagement as they navigate the murky waters of DIY.

As someone who is pretty passionate about the future of the living planet (understatement…) – I’ve recently decided to focus on working with eCommerce businesses who have a strong focus on environmental and social sustainability. If you’re passionate about leaving the world better than you found it? We’ll likely get along grand.

The people I work with tend to fall into two camps: they either want expert advice and solid resources as they learn all about social media, or they want someone to just take care of it for them – so they can focus on the parts of their biz that they actually enjoy.


Let's make cool stuff together.
Courses and Resources

Think you kind of like marketing, and chatting to your crowd on social media - but have no idea where to start?

I got you. I've got stacks of resources to help you get confident, and create content that converts (and you actually enjoy making).

Facebook and Instagram
Ad Management

My all time favorite thing to do. You hand me the reins to your ad account, and I work my magic while you focus on the parts of your biz you really enjoy.

One-on-One Consults

You, me, looking over your content and strategy, making sure it's primed and ready for success. I'm all about the tough love - I'll tell you straight up what sucks, what works, and get you excited about the next steps.

Wanna Chat?

If you'd like to chat about which option would be the best for your goals, biz and budget - whack some details in the form below.