30 Day Social Media Guide




If trying to figure out what to post gives you mild (or more than mild…) anxiety, the algorithm has you more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles, and your following/engagement feels stagnant…I got you, friend.

This guide contains 30 post prompts, and 30 quick activities to help you grow your following/engagement. And even better – each prompt and activity is accompanied by an explanation of why it works – so you start to really understand Facebook and Instagram, while creating content.

This guide is suitable for all types of businesses – most prompts include an explanation of how to tweak it to your type of offering (products, services, etc). And once you’ve moved through the initial 30 days, you’ll be able to use it again and again – cherry picking prompts and activities to keep you rolling.

Here’s what some past buyers had to say:

“Just wanted to give a massive shout out the the lovely Jo Murphy for her incredible offerings around social media and how to navigate it all inc engagement and content ideas.

I recently completed her “Social Media Foundations” course as I totally suck at tech stuff and learnt HEAPS. It was actually the first course I have ever completed from start to finish in the one go – also thanks in part to my youngest having a decent nap for once!!

I found it so helpful I went on to purchase her $30 for 30 days of content prompts and ideas to boost engagement. I have already noticed simply by making a couple of tiny tweaks to the way I post and engage, how much more traction my Tapping biz is getting – I even had one of the worlds’ biggest Tapping influencers comment on my youtube video and share my biz post on his page after commenting on one of his posts (yesterday’s activity in her course) How incredible is that?!

So thank you Jo for your insight and simple, easy-to-follow advice and guidance.” Catharine, Break Free with EFT

“Jo, I am really loving this series. Why? There is the well-written brief instructions, the humour, and the effectiveness of having a prompt every day for my online content.

But even more, it feels good to open and I feel like I have one less decision to make each day for my social media. Even if I don’t follow the prompt you have given, it inevitably triggers a thought about something I should do instead.

This is very useful!”Tammy, Shaping Purpose

The guide is in handy PDF format, so you’ll be able to download it to your phone and your laptop for easy access. Hope you enjoy!


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